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AED Aeronauticl Engineering Department 航空工程部[印度]
AED Aerodynamic Association of Equipment Distributors 设备经销商协会[美]
AED acceptable emergency dose 急救容许剂量
AED Automated Engineering Design 自动工程设计
AED Air Equivalent Diameter 空气当量直径
AED Automatic Engineering Design 自动工程设计语言
AED Banco de A Edwards 爱德华银行
AED Application Environment Daemon 应用程序环境守护程序
AED Agricultural Extension Division 农业推广部
AED Atomic Emission Detection 原子发射检测
AED Anti Epileptic Drug 抗癫痫药物
AED Automatic Electronic Defibrillator 自动电子除颤器
AED Additional Excise Duty 附加消费税
AED Accident & Emergency Department (ER in USA, A&E or AED in UK) 事故应急部门和美国、尝试”在英国)或AED
AED Atomic Emission Detector 原子发射探测器
AED Analog Event Driver 模拟事件驱动程序
AED Alpha Epsilon Delta 阿尔法Epsilon Delta
AED AsociaciÓn de Estudiantes de Derecho (Association of Students of Right, Guatemala) AsociaciÓn de Estudiantes de Derecho (Association of Students of Right, Guatemala)
AED Awfully Easy Dive 非常简单的潜水
AED Angels Eating Dumplings 天使吃饺子
AED Aeronautical Engineering Division 航空工程部
AED Animal Euthanasia Device 动物安乐死装置
AED Affranchie A l'Etranger Jusqu'a Destination (French: foreigner-prepaid postage note, 1827) 我会出国旅行Jusqu Affranchie一个目的地(法国:foreigner-prepaid的邮资笔记,1827)
AED Allocation Engineering Division 配置工程部
AED Automotive Engineering and Design 汽车工程与设计
AED Air Enforcement Division (US EPA) 美国环保局(US EPA)
AED À Être DÉterminÉ (French: To Be Determined) À Être DÉterminÉ (French: To Be Determined)
AED AsociaciÓn de Estudiantes de Derecho AsociaciÓn de Estudiantes de Derecho
AED Aerodynamic Equivalent Diameter 空气动力学当量直径
AED Anti-Epileptic Drug 抗癫痫药物
AED anhidrotic ectodermal dysplasia 无汗性外胚层发育不良
AED Automated External Defibrillation 自动体外除颤
AED Antiepileptic Drug 抗癫痫药物
AED Automatic External Defibrillator (less common) 自动体外除颤器(不太常见)
AED Afghanistan Engineer District (USACE) 阿富汗工程师区(USACE)
AED Attraction and Entertainment Design 景点和娱乐设计
AED Active Electronic Decoy 有源电子诱饵
AED Adaptive Earliest Deadline (algorithm) 自适应最早截止时间(算法)
AED Allocations & Engineering Directorate 分配及工程理事之职
AED Analog Event Distribution 模拟事件分布
AED ALGOL Extended Design ALGOL扩展设计
AED Ammunition Engineering Directorate (Picatinny Arsenal, Dover, NJ) 弹药工程局(新泽西州多佛市皮卡汀尼兵工厂)
AED Analog Event Detector 模拟事件检测器
AED Aircraft Engineering Division 飞机工程部
AED Analysis and Evaluation Division (EPA) 分析与评估部(EPA)
AED Analog Event Display 模拟事件显示
AED Antiepilepsy Drug 抗癫痫药物
AED Aviation Engineering Directorate (US Army Aviation and Missile Command, AMCOM) 航空工程局(美国陆军航空和导弹司令部,AMCOM)
AED Abrams Evolutionary Design (US Army battle tank) 艾布拉姆斯进化设计(美国陆军作战坦克)
AED Active Emission Detection 主动排放检测
AED AMCOM (Aviation & Missle Command) Engineering Directive AMCOM(航空和飞弹命令)工程指导
AED Automatic External Defibrillator 自动体外除颤器
AED Astro-Electronics Division Astro电子部
AED Area Emergency Director 区域应急主管
AED United Arab Emirates Dirham 阿拉伯联合酋长国迪拉姆
AED Academy for Educational Development 教育发展学院
AED Architectural Engineering Directorate 建筑工程局
AED Associated Equipment Distributors 相关设备分销商
AED Automated External Defibrillator 自动体外除颤器
AED Active Expendable Decoy 主动一次性假目标
AED Auger Electron Diffraction 俄歇电子衍射
AED Architectural Engineering Division (ASCE) 建筑工程部(ASCE)
AED Automatic Email Deletion (records management policy) 自动电子邮件删除(记录管理策略)
AED Academy for Eating Disorders 饮食失调学会
AED Aeromedical Education Division 航空医学教育部
AED Area of Expertise Database 专业领域数据库

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